"Give me a W! . . ."

That is, "Give me a Web site for my reunion!"

Well, now you have it! Click here to find a link to each of the Woodrow Wilson High School Dallas Class Reunions participating in this web site. As Woodrow graduates from the class of '62, we know the power of a web site and email to get your classmates involved and to your reunion. Our 40th was said to be our second best (second only to our 20th) and the best attendance ever. It was also our hottest! -- July at Winfrey Point! We attribute much of the surprising response to our web presence.

Asked by several about getting a web site for their class reunion, we decided to give it a try. So, we're offering you a page here for your reunion for a $90 setup fee plus tax. The fee includes hosting for a year (or even longer), formatting your information and putting it live. It also includes up to two (2) text edits -- date, time, email contact, etc. Anything more will be additional. For content like the Class of '93, it's $180 plus tax. You must provide all the info at once for every page. Format must be identical Updates are additional. Email or outside web links only (see Class of '73), are free.

Here's what you get for FREE:

– A brief description and an email or outside web link to the contact person or web page of your choice* –

Here's what you get for your 90 bucks:

  • A web address for your reunion that goes straight to your reunion information page on this web site,
  • A link to your page from this web site (a page is the equivilent of two standard letter pages of information and space, including the map, if any)
  • All your content must be provided by someone on your committee
  • Headlines and information about your reunion: time, place, details, etc.
  • Reservation and contact info
  • Map to your reunion location
  • Additional pages, $45 each. Complex formatting will also be additional. Only info entered on the form is included in the setup fee.

We have provided this FORM for you to submit your reunion information, if you are interested. If you want a more detailed web site, we can do that, too, but the costs can be prohibitive.

If you have an interest or questions, email us and we will contact you as soon as the form is ready. Please limit your questions and allow time for response. We have families, jobs, traffic tickets, funerals, in-laws and a significant amount of daydreaming, among other things, demanding our time and attention. Your fee will need to be paid prior to any work being done.

If you have your own URL (web site address), someone to build it for you and you want a link to it here, it's FREE.

Contact: Jack Andrews, Class of '62

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