to the 10-Year Reunion!

Woodrow '93 Alumni

...to the 10th anniversary of our graduation from the greatest high school on the planet. We want to celebrate it with you!

Regardless of your size, your income, your legal status, number of divorces, number of DWI’s, the age of your car, your sexual orientation, your religion (or lack of one), your fashion statement (as long as you wear something) or your not-even-a-slight resemblance to your annual photo, come and join us.

Top 10 reasons why you should attend

Who's invited, where it will be, when it all happens

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Lost and Found:

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Thanks again, to James and Judy!

They sponsored us then and they've done it again! The class of 1993 would
like to send out a special "thank you" to James and Judy Ostler for their
faithful and continued support of the class of '93. We sincerely thank you
from the bottom of our "sweethearts!"