How to get in on it...
We want everyone to have the opportunity to join the fun, frivolities and festivities.

PLEASE ... we need to know how many to expect. So, tell us if you plan to attend. YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED until you pay, but we need to plan for food and beverages.

Tickets: $25 per person. There are no physical tickets. You will receive a confirmation and your name will be on a list at the door.

How to make a reservation for one or more people:
Just email the names to:

How to pay for a reservation for one or more people:
Go to and request to send funds to It will prompt you from there and you get an email reply from PayPal. We get an immediate notice that money has been sent to us.

Mail a money order (no later than October 15th, 2003) made out to:
WW93 to 7325 Dominique, Dallas TX 75214

You can pay cash at the door, but there will be an $8 premium added to the registration fee.

Stay at home and pick your nose.

What's included (C'mon - - where else could you enjoy so much for so little?):

Old friends
Great Memories
Laughs and more laughs
Plates, spoons, forks, napkins
Separate Men’s Room and Ladies Room
Toilet tissue
Air conditioning
Soft Drinks
Tables and Chairs
Name Tags
Deep Ellum (we all know you always wanted to go there in HS)

Joy, Fear, Panic
Boredom (non-alum spouses only)

Once the kegs are floated, and you’ve used up your 2 tickets, you’re on your own for alcoholic beverages.

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