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Saturday Picnic
Dress is picnic-casual. We’ll be playing games and such, so shorts are definitely in order. This is a BYOE (everything) event. The committee isn’t furnishing anything but the games. But feel free to bring your own sporting equipment. You’ll need to bring whatever you want to eat and drink.

What about alcohol?
From the beginning, we have tried to keep the cost per person low to attract as many of you as possible to this reunion. For that reason, we have chosen to limit the amount of alcohol included in the registration fee. Included in the $25 registration fee are 3 kegs and 2 drink tickets – good at the Sons of Herman Hall bar once the kegs float. After that, it’s cash bar. (And we’re not talking about the Barr’s son.)

How should we dress?
Dress however you want. The Sons of Herman Hall is air conditioned, but with all the doors opening frequently and many of us blowing a lot of hot air, it may get warm. If it happens to be an unseasonably cool evening in Dallas at the end of October, you may want to wear coats, but there will be nowhere to check them. You must keep up with your own belongings.

Will I receive a ticket?
No actual tickets will be printed to help keep costs down. Your name will be added to the "paid" list, which will be checked at the door. No metal detectors or scanners. When we were in school, the only terrorists were the teachers.

Who and what determines the price of tickets?
As stated above, we have tried to keep costs to a minimum and provide a memorable, enjoyable and affordable evening for everyone. It is no simple task to estimate the number in attendance, cater the evening and cover all the many bases necessary to pull off a great time. After exploring several alternatives, the plan took shape as it is. Some will still complain, but, unless we the committee want to pay for the deficit out of our pockets (which we don't) we have set the prices to the best of our ability within the real and anticipated costs. An account of any surplus will be available and those funds, if any, will be applied to the next reunion. If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

So, who pays for the committee?
The committee pays for the committee. We are not tour organizers in for a free ride. The work we gladly do is pro bono and contributed toward a great experience for all. We all pay our own way. If you would like to volunteer to help in some capacity, please click here to let us know.

Who is coming?
Click here for info about those who are planning to attend and to request a list. Be patient. We are a force of volunteers who have other things to do.

Are my kids or other family members invited?
Anyone can come to all the events, except the Saturday night party. For the Saturday night party, adult family members are welcome. Children who require supervision should not attend the Saturday night party. The price is the same regardless of who will be attending.

Will there be a photographer?
There is no plan for a photographer at this time. Several digital cameras will be present for snapshots. If you are interested in receiving copies of pictures, please let us know. A picture CD will be available for purchase after the reunion. More about photos.

Will a directory be available?
For cost purposes, a directory will not be available. At least, not at this reunion.
The above list will be appended as needed.

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