How to reach someone...

The members Class of '93 Reunion Committee are proficient at dodging complaints. Other than that, we're glad to help...

The Class of 1993 Reunion Committee

Michele (Stackhouse) Berube - Chair, Jennifer (Jennie Wheeler) Oualline
Co-chair, Jennifer Perrone, Daniel Dunsworth, Greg Hinckley & Betsy Bauer.

How to pay, comment, complain, etc.

Email your reservations and related questions to:

Send your money orders (no personal checks please) to:
7325 Dominique, Dallas TX 75214

Note: There are no printed tickets. Your name(s) will be added to the list of paid attendees, which will be verified at the door. You will receive an email confirmation if you have an email address (Robbie, GET EMAIL). Otherwise, feel free to call and confirm.

Email your comments, suggestions, or info about this website to:
Jennifer Oualline
or call (214) 874-0503 ext. 105

You will receive a response as quickly as possible.