Who' Coming?.....

The excitement is building!

This reunion seems to be drawing alumni like no other! Calls are coming in from people near & far! Some are even bringing siblings who are members of other Woodrow classes and parents who fed, watered and counseled many of us back then. Still, others are coming from other parts of the country to join us. This event promises to be one of the most memorable ever. You don’t want to miss it.

YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED UNTIL YOU PAY… But we need to know if you plan to come. Just email the names in your party to get your name on the list. No pets please, except to the picnic on Saturday.

About publishing email addresses: Due to privacy issues and the difficulty in getting permission to publish email addresses, we have opted not to. However, if you would like to contact an alum, please let us know and we’ll try to get you in touch.

Thank you for your patience. The attendance should be emailed shortly before the reunion.

About who's coming: Because we don't have the resources to create and update a web page of those planning to attend, we will email a list to those who request one as soon as we are able. Email your request to: classof93@wwhsdallas.com

Rumor Mill

Dwight Patterson and Matt Post are coming in from New York and Chicago. They want someone to send them each a piece of corrugated cardboard and a black marker before they get on the road. They’ll be leaving there at the end of September.

Kim (Monzingo) Berry, Jennifer (Sherman) Paradise & Judith (Allen) Devlin have all started the First Moms Pregnant Club. They will be filling up on sparkling grape juice at the Saturday night party.

Someone tell Nicole (McIntosh) Dunham that there will be no strippers at the reunion…unless Michele (Stackhouse) Berube’s husband plans on attending. Take it all off this time, Ryan.

Erin Fite has been living in LA and is rumored to be dating a movie star. Bring him to the reunion, Erin, so we can advertise his existence and get more attendance.

He’s married now, but YES, Armando Delgado is still a hunk!

Mr. Giesler is planning on attending the reunion festivities, so make sure you don’t mention what happened that night at the Woods & Waters retreat.

Someone tell Daniel Dunsworth that he wasn’t a dork in high school.

We heard that Robbie Stovall is working for Gumbo’s at the Crescent. How about hooking us up with the catering, Rob?

Betsy and Brian have finally decided to get married – at the 12th of never. You can all bring wedding gifts to the Saturday night party. They are registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond the Deadline.

Disclaimer: We, your reunion committee, offer no warrant, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of these rumors -- or something like that.

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